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Connect HANA to SLD and Solution Manager

First Step: Register on SLD

To connect HANA to Solution manager you have to register the HANA in SLD

Using Life cycle manager

Picture 1.0

Open the HANA studio and go to Life cycle manager

Picture 1.1

  • SLD hostname
  • SLD port
  • SLD username
  • SLD password
  • HANA SP06


Picture 1.2

In picture 1.2 you can see the hana register on LMDB

Picture 1.3

Picture 1.4

System configuration on Solution Manager

Go to Solman workcenter - Solution Manager configuration - Manage system configuration

Select the HANA SID - configure system

Picture 2.0

Assign Product to the system

Picture 2.1

In this step, you assign the diagnostics agents to the managed systems. You assign a diagnostics agent to each server (virtual host) on which the managed system is running

Picture 2.2

HostAgent check success for host "HANA server"

Picture 2.3

In this step, you specify all system parameters required to configure the managed system

SQL port  - Port number of HANA instance

User name  - HANA DB user - Should be "System user"

Picture 2.4

In this step, you verify or add landscape parameters.

Save the landscape objects

Picture 2.5

In this step, SAP Solution Manager performs automatic configuration activities.

  • DATABASE Extractor Setup
  • SAPRouter Setup
  • Extractor Setup
  • Introscope Host Adapter
  • Alerting Setup for Early Watch Alert

Picture 2.6

In this step you perform manual configuration activities.

Picture 2.7

Logical component assignment not required for this system type

Picture 2.7


System Landscape - Solution Manager SMSY

Errors :


A CCDB extractor returns the error message "CCDB: A fatal error occured for a store". Another symptom is that the CCDB Administration reports errors in the column 'Fatal Errors' for a managed system.


The detailed error message can be found in the application log of the Solution Manager. Call transaction 'SLG1' and set object = 'CCDB', Ext. Identifier = '*<SID>*' and from date = '<Yesterday>'. Search for red entries containing the text 'Fatal Error...'. Having the detailed error message please search for notes on component SV-SMG-DIA*.



----Fatal Error: CX_PERSIST_STORE_UPL_DATE_1: The upload date '16.09.2013 14:52:56 UTC'  is in the future (Check rang


Note 1891416 - CCDB CTC and DB Extractor - upload date is in the future

Note 1731373 - CCDB: Problems and solutions


Note 1747682 - SolMan 7.1: Managed System Setup for HANA

Note 1625203 - saphostagent/sapdbctrl for NewDB

Note 1891416 - CCDB CTC and DB Extractor - upload date is in the future

Note 1731373 - CCDB: Problems and solutions


Naor Shalom

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