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This will help you connect your BI4 Dashboard directly against ECC box in real-time (no SAP Hana required)


1) ECC 6.0 Enhancement Package 5

2) Configured for transient providers (using an ECC InfoSet)

3) SQBWPROP – InfoProvider must be set for BI Release

4) BI4 SP4 (includes feature pack 3)

First I created a BEx Query against the ECC InfoSet

I set the flag for Allow External Access to this Query

Then I set up an OLAP connection in the Central Management Console.

I chose to connect to the Query I created against the ECC InfoSet in the CMC.

Now log on to BI4 Dashboard

From the Query Browser, select Add Query

Select BEx and then click Next

Select the OLAP Connection created against the ECC and click NEXT

From the Query panel drag over the Fiscal Year and Gross Amount

After Preview Query Result click Next

At Usage Options click OK

Now you can follow the Dashboard creation steps; you can bind to the Query now instead of the spreadsheet


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