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Dear Folks,

This blog is just to give an idea about how to enable tracing/logging in BusinessObjects 4.0 environment. Have done this today and I just wanted to share the same to our community.

The default logging path will be <Install directory>/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise BI 4.0/ Logging and the trace files generated would be of type generic log file (.glf) extension. We can configure the trace logs for the following components

  • Logging Configuration for BOE Servers
  • BOE Web Applications logging

Below will be the various logging levels that we can set at trace log configuration.




Force the use of BO_trace.ini to be used


Only critical events such as failures will be logged


Ignores warning and status messages


Only Status messages with least important will be ignored


Includes all the logging messages

1. Configuring tracing for BOE Servers

You can set the traces visually in CMC for a specific server or group of servers as below

Also you can manually set traces in BO_trace.ini file at the following location.

<BO Installation folder>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\conf

2. Configuring tracing for web applications

You can set the traces visually in CMC for a BusinessObjects Application as below

Manually with the BO_trace.ini file

This sample is for BOE application with default Tomcat installation.

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\TraceLog


2. Configuring tracing for Client applications

To enable tracing for the BI4.0 client applications, you can refer SAP Note 1586166 - How to enable tracing for BI4.0 client applications

Hope you find this interesting. Keep reading!

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