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Creation of the content repository

A content repository is like a directory. It's a place were you could put several kind of data. You could use only one content repository to store all your data. You could use several content repository to be able to move it to another content server, for size issue, ...

Transaction OAM1

This is the global transaction where you will find all the customizing of the content server.

Go in the menu :

you could access directly using the transaction OAC0.

Press the button create (blank page), and press "Full administration"

First, set a name of content repository on two digits (you will have problems in some customizing of ArchivLink if you set more)

Set the version (should be 0046)

Set the host or the IP address of the content server

Set the port number (should be 1090)

Set the HTTP Script (should be ContentServer/ContentServer.dll)

Set the OutputDevice to "ARCH"

and save it

You have create the content repository in the ECC system, not in the Content Server.

Now, you could press the button "CS Admin"

When you use MaxDB, you have to set the setting for the driver.

And press the SAVE button

A new tab will appear

Now we will have to generate the certificat, go in the certificat tab:

Press the SEND button

Select the new line that appears and press the button activate

Now the Content server is ready

Check if the server is Up and Running

First, you could check quickly using your internet browser :


(special thanks to Yann to remember me this helpful link)

This link must display a list of variables like this :

One of this variable gives you the status : serverStatus="running";

You could see also there is one ContentRepository : Z1

The second method is to run the report : RSCMST

Enter you ContentRepository and press F8

You must run all the steps of this report :

if you have any problem on your HTTP Content Server, launch this report to have informations on the errors.

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