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Part 2 goes into how to make the necessary changes for 2013 (SMP log on required) details the steps to take if you are using the Configuration Wizard.

The standard configured integration scenarios in the delivered content are:

Whilst waiting for SAP to release either content or configuration guides, I had to configure the following scenarios:
Employer Payment Submission (EPS)
Full Payment Submission (FPS)
Employee Alignment Submission (EAS)
Early Year Update(EYU)

First things I did were having to find the 2013 content based upon the documents in the above note.





Then I had to create the associated actions:

I will show EAS as an example (and I based this upon RTI):

The send action:

The Receive Action:

You can now log onto the Integration Directory and consume the scenarios as in my first blog

the same steps are followed for the other scenarios until you have created the following:

during the conversations i had with SAP as i trying to get past an annoying P/S/A error from SAP ECC they ensured me new guides would be available for this content soon.  whether the content gets updated, i am unsure, but in the mean time, hopefully someone can find this blog of use.

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