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For all those SAP customers who have SF, C4C Service Center and CPI, who are experiencing problems with access to C4C Service Center and CPI, here is the solution along with my experience in solving this problem.


You have C4C Service Center configured correctly and working, employees from SF can log in to "Ask HR" and everything works smoothly, but if you try to log in to CPI, all you see is a blank page.


Behavior when accessing CPI


At this point, you may have searched the SAP knowledge base, Google or even put a case on SAP Launchpad.

Most likely you found this KBA: "2846279 A blank page is shown when accessing the WebUI of SAP Cloud Integration tenant".

So you follow the KBA, CPI works perfect, but the employees from SF can't login to "Ask HR".

Error login in Ask HR


If this happens to you... I'll tell you what the solution is.



The solution is the following. You must login to BTP Cockpit, to the global account, then you will see that you have at least 2 sub-accounts, one for PRD and one for TEST.

BTP Cockpit Sub-accounts


The problem is that you should not configure CPI and C4C SC in the same sub-account, for example, in the TEST sub-account there should only be one product configured, either CPI or C4C SC, but not both.

A good BTP Cockpit practice is to use separate sub-accounts.

Separate the sub-accounts


When we use 4 sub accounts, 2 for PRD, one for CPI and one for C4C SC and 2 for TEST, one for CPI and one for C4C SC everything works great.

Tip: When you create a new sub account, perform the C4C SC configuration in it, because it is easier than migrating all CPI integrations.


I hope this will be helpful to people who are having this problem.


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