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As we all know the alert mechanism plays a crucial role in making the process more efficient, so as per my experience, in  this article I will share the steps to implement alerts in NW BPM.

Note:-   To Implement this functionality NWDS version of SP11 and above are required.

Suppose we want to configure the alert for a mapping step in the BPM then we need to follow the steps as below:-

1. We need to create an exception file in case we want to write the exception file to some location(if required)

2. Secondly we can send a notification in the form of Alert to the configured receivers.

We will now see feasibility of the above points on a mapping step inside the BPM:-

Point 1 :-

Got to the boundary events and select “technical error”

We need to create an exception file which will hold the data and the same can be written to the desired location. Below is the exception file created (DO_DocumentAlert) :-

The fields in the exception file have been mapped to the fields in the parameters node that will be enabled once you select “Technical Error” in the boundary events.

These fields in the exception file can be written to the desired location  and the data will be populated at the runtime.

Point 2:-

Now  if we want to send the notification failure to the users then we need to use the “Notification” activity(Notify by Email in the below screenshot) in the NW BPM.

We can define the variables  and provide the Xpath of the same  as mentioned in the below screenshot.

Also in order to include the values of these variables in the alert mail, we need to  use {} for the same. Below is the screenshot:-

I have configured my Email ID in the “TO” tab.

We can test it now:-

The alert Email received to my inbox  in case of mapping failure inside BPM looks like below:-

Also the file has been written to the desired location (in reference to the point 2 as below)

References :-

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