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If you would like to have your ssh server on your laptop and play with cpi scenarios, this blog is for you. You can connect to ssh server using cloud connector.

I am not sure about any cloud public sftp server which is available for free. If you have any, you are welcome to comment.

Apart from public sftp server, You can subscribe to any cloud(google, azure,aws) and configure your ssh server and connect to cpi. Here you wont need any cloud connector as this ssh server will be available in internet. But subscribing cloud access, you would need to provide credit card details even though you are going to use it for trial.  If you have got the cloud subscription, you can follow these blogsTry SFTP scenarios in CPI with your own SFTP server using Google Cloud | SAP Blogs and How To Setup a Test SFTP connection for Testing your CPI Iflows end to end | SAP Blogs


I have installed openSUSE os on oracle virtual box and openSUSE os comes with pre installed ssh server.

Install Virtual Box Opensuse OS

Newbies Guide: Installing ABAP AS 751 SP02 on Linux | SAP Blogs

Please note that i have used suse 15.2, which was the latest version when i tried this.

  • check if ssh server is installed

Use below command to verify if ssh is installed and works fine.

sudo zypper install openssh

ssh - How to install openssh-server on openSUSE? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Configure SFTP

you can do the sftp configuration using below blog.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 : SSH Server : SFTP only + Chroot : Server World (

setting user password  is missing in the above link. you can do that using like (passwd user)




You can check whether you can log into sftp.

Do the network setting and connect using winscp. This step is optional and incase you would like to access the sftp from your windows os, you can do this step and check if you connect it.


WinSCP is installed on my windows os and using WinSCP you can connect to sftp. Use host ip and port to connect to ssh server.


If you have completed this step, you have done most of the work and ready to configure the cloud connector.

Install and Configure Cloud Connector

Download and install the cloud connector. You can directedly download in your Linux os and install it. Please check the pre requisite to install cloud connector. You would also need java installed on your os.You can install sap jvm, which should work for you. I have referred below links for this task.

Part 1: How to use SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity and Cloud Connector in the Cloud Foundry environm...

SAP Development Tools (

Installation on Linux OS - SAP Help Portal

Once you are done with installation and configuration of cloud connector, you can add your ssh server to expose.

check if the system is reachable.

Connection Test

check blog for sftp connection and cpi flow setup Cloud Integration – How to Connect to an On-Premise sftp server via Cloud Connector | SAP Blogs

You can simply do the connection test in sap cpi tenant using Test connectivity option.

copy the host key and upload known_host key. Configure the channel and test the service.

If you are new to linux os and willing to learn it, there is a on going open sap course offered by red hat. I find this pretty useful to get started with Linux.

Fundamentals of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions





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