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I was looking for an efficient way to help users identify which SAP Cloud Application they were logging into. I learned that you can configure a custom logo for a specific application using SAP Cloud Identity Services by uploading an image.

Logos are an easy-to-identify form of visual communication that can include words, shapes, colours and images.

Logos grab the user’s attention and provide visual confirmation for the application and the tenant the user is logging into.

Consistent branding can improve security. Employees of large firms are often targets of phishing scams through email. Some scams direct users to fake login portals to gain access to the user’s username and password. A logo that identifies an application makes it easier for the user to confirm they are on the correct portal.

To configure a Logo for an Application, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the administration console for SAP Cloud Identity Services.

  2. Under Applications and Resources, choose the Applications tile.

  3. Choose the application that you want to edit.

    • Note: Type the application’s name in the search field to filter the list items or choose the application from the list on the left.

  4. Choose the Branding and Layout tab.

  5. Under Branding, choose Logo.

  6. Upload an image with the required format to set a custom logo.

    • Note: You can use one of the following formats for the image: <name>.png, <name>.gif, and <name>.jpeg. The image must be smaller than 100 KB and with a maximum size of 300x100.

  7. To remove a configured logo, choose the Delete Logo button.

  8. Save your configuration.

I captured the result of this configuration in the image below, which uploaded different logos for different SAP Cloud Applications to facilitate the identification.

Now users can quickly identify the Application to which they are logging.

For more information, visit SAP Help Portal.

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