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An empty custom key storage view named AN is created as displayed below.

5 To create the keypair, click on the Create button as highlighted below.

6 Add a new key storage entry to the view as follows:

1 In the Entry Name field, enter AribaKeypair. Retain the default values for the remaining fields.

2 Under Subject Properties, enter values as displayed below. Make sure that the common Name field (CN) value highlighted in red circle refers to a fully qualified DNS domain name of a web server.

3 Click Next in step 3.

4. review the information under Subject Properties and click on Finish button.

7 Select the AribaKeypair in the Key Storage View Details and click on Generate CSR Request button.

1 To download the AribaKeypair.pem CSR file, click on Download link as highlighted below.

2 Open the AribaKeypair.pem in a text editor. It appears as follows.

Then the generated CSR must be signed by one of the trusted CAs supported by Ariba Network

List of Trusted Certificate Authorities given below:

When you purchase a sign digital certificate, it must refer to an organization that is

trusted by Ariba Network. The trusted certificate authorities are :



American Express

ANX Network



Digital Signature Trust Co.







Then CSR response, which is the public certificate received from the trusted CA, must be imported into the custom SAP NetWeaver PI Key storage view. Import the CSR response in to the Key storage as follows:

1 Click on Import CSR Response button.

After that same public certificate must also be applied in the AN Buyer account. Configuration details of Ariba Network adapter is attached below.

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