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During the SAP system upgrade if we have additional host available then we can run the shadow instance on remote host so that we do not impact the Production activities in an SAP system during uptime. Below are the configurations and input we need to provide during the Configuration Phase of SUM tool to enable shadow instance to run on Remote host.

  • Identify the host
  • In the configuration Phase of SUM tool provide the host name for Remote Shadow instance


  • Prepare the User environment (SIDADM and DBSID) by using SWPM Lifecycle options.
  • In the configuration Phase also provide the OS of the target for Remote Shadow host
  • You can get the hardware key by executing SAPLICENSE -get provided you have SAP kernel on the host. Else you can copy the SAP exe directory and get the HARDWARE Key to be keyed in
  • You need to copy the SSFS key generated on CI and place the same place holder for shadow instance.



  • You need to start and stop the Shadow instance as per SUM tool recommendations during various phases manually on Remote host.

The above steps will help you run shadow instance smoothly on remote host and achieve target to speed up upgrade,no interruption to production activities during uptime and reduce downtime.

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