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This was an SAP webcast from last week.  It was mostly demos; the demo part is not included in this recap.  Replay link is at the end if you want to see the demos

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Source: SAP

Many are existing customers with on premise data warehouse implementations

With a cloud data warehouse, what is the direction from SAP

On bottom right, existing portfolio for existing customers - BW/4HANA, SAP SQL Data Warehousing

On premise products will not be stopped

New data warehouse cloud is an extension of the on premise product

Customers have requirement for a hybrid deployment

Source: SAP

Product from a high level perspective

Certain characteristics highlighted above - elastic is expected for the cloud, up and down scale

End to end capability to build dashboards

HANA technology sits underneath

Source: SAP

What data warehouse cloud brings - yellow box in middle - repository services include metadata management, modeling, design business model, physical model, data warehousing management, governance, security services (encryption, audiing)

One top is Analytics Cloud, already integrated with solution

Will provide 3rd party API tools for consumption and data provisioning

Different connectivities, and virtual access so don't have to bring data in physically

Source: SAP

Demo from SAPPHIRE

Once you have Semantic Layer, you can use SAC

Connect by virtual table, dimensions, on semantic layer

Connect to Fact data, separate semantics

Source: SAP

Local CSV file is loaded, to enhance existing model

Source: SAP

Integrate with other 3rd party cloud providers

Source: SAP

Generate models that follow best practice guidelines

SAP wants business users to use the product


Q: How does integration work with SAC and DWC?

A: SAC can connect to DWC models

Q: Will an option be available to connect from SPACE A and SPACE B

A: yes, this is possible

Q: Will stories in SAC be accessing in DWC?

A: Accessible back and forth

Q: Can I access CDS views in HANA with DWC?

A: Yes

Q: What are the ETL tools in DWC compared to Data Services?

A: Once replicate data - using HANA Smart Data Integration (BO version of Data Services)

Using a service hosted on HANA Cloud itself

Q: Does DWC handle spatial data?

A: Access all data types on HANA, and spatial is included

Sign up for Beta - link

See the replay here
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