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Hello Everyone,

This document describes how to make a simple BPM process with Integration of a WD UI (WDJ in this case), importing and using a Web-Service in the process and creating an XML schema to be used in the Project.

Pease follow the following steps and refer to the snapshots to create a sample process:

1. Create the BPM DC:

2. Select the Perspective:

3. Name the DC and give necessary description:

4.  Created DC:

5. Creating a New Process:

6.  Naming your Process and selecting the orientation:

The created process:

7. Creating Process Context Data:

Drag and drop a Data Object artifact from the pallette into the process

8.  Creating an Automated Activity:

  Created Process with Automated Activity and Data Object:

9. Creating XML Schema Definition(XSD):

10. Set the cardinality (Multiplicity) of the attributes in the comlex type:

Created XML Schema should look like this:


11.  Assigning Created Complex Type to Data Object (Data Object Properties):

Select the created XSD element from the drop-down list:

12.  Importing Web-Service into BPM Project:

13. Select the source of the WSDL file/service:

14.  Successful Import:

15.  Assign the imported WSDL to the Automated Activity in the Process:

16.  Sending an Email Notification(Through Notification Activity):

17.  Defining recipients of Email:

18. There are 2 ways to define a recipient:

i) Choosing Users from UME:


ii) Writing an Expression to get user at runtime:

19.  Defining Email Subject and Content:

20.  Using Process Context Data in Email Subject/Content:

21.  Creating task for a User (Human Activity):

22.  Create Task for User:

Go to properties of the Human Activity and create a new Task

23. Importing the WDJ UI for the Created Task (Task Properties):

Click on choose and follow the steps:

After selecting the UI technology, you will be able to see the UI in the search pane (should be present in the workspace):

24. Select the completion event and boundary event(only if required):

25.  Creating a web-service for the Start-Trigger:

26. As the start trigger WSDl should typically be an Asynchronous one, click on the 'Output' tag and hit 'Delete':

Now, click on the Arrow on the right and enter the created XSD elements as input parameters of the start event (Also delete the Output tag from the XML source):

27.  Create a Trigger for the Start Event:

28.  Assign the Created WSDL to the Start-Trigger:

  Successful Assignment:

29.  Assign the created trigger to the Start Event(Properties):

Successful Assignment:

30.  Data Mapping:

Start Event to Process Context:

Process Context to Web-Service Method :

Passing Output of Web-service execution to Process Context:

These steps complete the BPM development. Now build the project to see any errors and deploy the process. Its ready to Use!

Hope this article helps. Please provide inputs if I have mentioned anything wrong.


Best Regards,


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