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Comparison between 0FI_AR/AP_4 and 0FI_AR/AP_30 Datasources

Background/Scope of Document

Demonstrating the Delta functionality and differences between 0FI_AR/AP_4 and 0FI_AR/AP_30 Datasources.

We came across a scenario, where we were using the ECC DS 0FI_AR_30 at the back-end level for BODS development Project. However, after performing the initial load in BODS, we are not able to fetch the Delta records/data from the DataSource.

About the DataSources

The DataSources FI_AR_4 and FI_AR_30 extracts Accounts Receivable Accounting line items from tables BSID (open items) and BSAD (cleared items) in the R/3 source system.

Also, both the DS FI_AR_4 and FI_AR_30 extractors are referring a same extract structure “DTFIAR_3” and having the same number of fields in the structure.

  • Source structure: BSID, BSAD
  • Extract structure OLTP: DTFIAR_3


  • The 0FI_AR_30 DataSource doesn't support 'DELTA INIT' highlighting the difference below.

    • Delta INIT Simulation extraction mode ”1” is possible for 0FI_AR_4 not for 0FI_AR_30. (This indicator contains the information about whether the extractor for a DataSource controls the 'DELTAINIT Simulation' extraction mode).
    • Delta Test possible mode ”X” allow for 0FI_AR_4 only. (This indicator contains information on whether, for test purposes, the extractor for a DataSource can be called in the modes 'DELTAINIT', 'Delta' and 'Repeat').

  • Both are having different datasource extractor (FM). However the function modules are performing the different extraction procedure.
    • 0FI_AR_4 is based on FM (BWFID_GET_FIAR_ITEM): It is using a time stamp method instead of the BW Delta queue in the R/3 source system in order to determine the Delta dataset. And minutes based delta also possible using sapnote (991429).
    • 0FI_AR_30 is based on FM (SREP_FIAR_30): is refereeing/calling the datasource extractor FM (FBW4_DATA_TRANSFER_AR_3) and which is the engine of obsolete extractor 0FI_AR_3.

  • The DataSources 0FI_AR_3 and the 0FI_AP_3 are based on the (FBW4_DATA_TRANSFER_*_3) which extract the line items from accounts receivable accounting and accounts payable accounting were delivered (see Note 200576). With BW Plugin 2001.1 (BW Release 3.0A) the consistent data extraction into the BW system with the Delta update procedure is now delivered for the line items of the G/L accounting (FI-GL), of the accounts receivable accounting (FI-AR) and of the accounts payable accounting (FI-AP). The new datasources 0FI_GL_4, 0FI_AR_4 and 0FI_AP_4 use a time stamp method instead of the BW Delta queue in the R/3 source system in order to determine the Delta dataset. This note describes the transfer from the old extraction procedure (datasources 0FI_AP_3 and 0FI_AR_3) to the new extraction procedure (datasources 0FI_GL_4, 0FI_AP_4 and 0FI_AR_4). Please refer sapnote(410797).

  • Direct Access allowed for 0FI_AR_30 and can be use for Remote Cubes and but Direct access not supported to 0FI_AR_4.

  • DataSource 0FI_AR_30 does not support Delta handling, refer SAP Note (1429650 - Queue delta for sub ledger documents in Simplified Reporting) 1266262 (AR) & 1390113 (AP).

Conditions to be able to use 0FI_AR/AP_30

If we are implementing the 0FI_AR_30, then it is mandatory to have SAP enhancement package 3 for SAP ERP 6.0, business function Reporting Financials (FIN_REP_SIMPL_1).

Refer SAP Note (1429650 and 1451341) which talks about the corrections/essentials required.


We can implement the 0FI_AR/AP_4 DataSources flow instead of 0FI_AR/AP_30 to get the regular delta records/load in BW, BODS etc… Sources and 0FI_AR/AP_30 can use for BW Remote Cubes/data transfer process based Direct Access.

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