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Friday was SAP Inside Track DC and Saturday was SAP Inside Track Hamburg.  Both events were sold out - but who had the higher social media engagement?  Read on...

I used SAP Lumira Desktop 1.27 to compare.

I downloaded the hashtag for SAP Inside Track DC (SITWDC) and SAP Inside Track Hamburg (SITHH) - at first, I appended them in Lumira

I always try first the related visualizations in Lumira, to see what it will suggest.

Above shows the related visualizations that Lumira suggests.  You can do this by measure too.

With Filtering in 1.27, I can apply to current visualization or entire dataset.

So SAP Inside Track Hamburg had the most tweets compared to DC.

What were some popular retweets in Hamburg?  This family picture by peter.langner2 was the most popular:

This one was the top retweeted tweet for DC:

So what was the top twitter client used at both events?

Twitter Client for the iPhone was the top client used at both events as the above screen shows.

The SAPInsideTrack (@SAPInsideTrack) | Twitter handle had the most tweets over both events, with the SAP Mentors (@SAPMentors) | Twitter coming in second.

For more upcoming SAP Inside Tracks, see this wiki.  More analysis to come, when I have time.

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