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Hello forum,

Looking for a another good utility than old post where SAP Lumira can help IT administrators to take care about their SAP products, just remember the situation moment to review manually a huge number of system data for search end of maintenance date of each one. After a quick visit to PAM information I found that there is a option to export data to csv file that allow us to convert it to excel format compatible with SAP Lumira, Then i get the idea to process that information on Lumira to allow us to join pam information with solution manager system information and how we can analyses that to compare solution manager managed system's product versión with PAM to check end of maintenance in each system managed by solman,

1.- The first step is go to to export product version en of maintenance data, on the right hand you can see how to export that information to csv file, for that sample I select “all product version” option and send it to csv file.

*Exporting externar SAP Solution Manager data

2.- Now just access to your Solution Manager for export system information with the help of report “RSMSY_REPORTING01”, remember that after future changes from SAP, beside to use LMDB to manage system landscape in solution manager, SMSYis still valid and synchronized with LMDB; for the moment I don’t found any option to export LMDB data to SAP Lumira other than using BO system. Once you run the report, you can select “servers”, “databases”, “product systems” and “technical systems”, I export it all for more analysis option with SAP Lumira, as example, count systems grouped by database manufacturer or to check how many customers have solution manager system on version lower than 7.1 that will end of maintenance at the end of that year. i'm waiting to our BO test system is available for make solution manager datasources from BO like tammy.powlas3 explaing in that post but for the moment, i use only excel that allow me make the test more quickly.

* Exporting Solution Manager Data, manually or BO

Export data to excel files and prepare it for SAP Lumira with separated files   (also Lumira allow the option to work with only one excel with different sheets)

3.- Export relation from product systems and solution from system monitoring list of product systems, that is how I export the information because I can use BO system as Tammy do in that post.

4.- Create a new project with Lumira and import that information to prepare data, for my test I have to apply filters as you can see on next screen to remove products develop and test systems that are not assigned to a solution ( if not Lumira make hard to prepare data )

5.- Selecting only one file you will see only one dimension of data from system reporting on there is, for each solution manager solution (customers on my case), the product version of solution manager managed systems.

*Select Product Version on attributes field list and right click to select “fusion” option that will lead you to the next step.

6.- On that screen you have 2 sources to join within, on the right hand you can see the rate of possibilities to join that data source with another one, the rate is calculated with the content of column selected.

*Join data selecting fields

7.- Once join is done, you can see end of maintenance dates from each product version of managed systems on your solution manager, look that on “global filters” I have to filter product version that are empty to avoid problems while preparing data.

*Adding filters

8.- Now go to “View” option to make your personal graph to check data, with a simple and easy table view or with different display options, to accurate date on that step I filter solution by removing ones that are not relevant because contain testing information of test products, also I filter dates of end of maintenance to remove years before 2012 and after 2015.

*making of viewing options

On that view i play with “indicators” to collect data about how many customer’s system has a product versión near to end of maintenance, and on axis X I select to group data with date of end of maintenance and product versión.


Information about Lumira and learning documents that i found on SAP Partner Edge:


What’s next?

After spend only a few time for learn how it work and looking a good utility within SAP Solution Manager Information I found that solution really interesting for customers than don’t have BO license to analyses their landscape system information more easy than using BW reporting or interactive reporting inside Solution Manager. For customer that also has BO server’s and license to develop their own applications, can create BO source data and make easy and quick reports to analyses solution manager information joining with external sources easily.

I think on analyzing reports related to itsm and ITIL like that:

  • Listing of all servers information assigned to a itil service, grouped by operating system and/or database and load monitoring data of each one.
  • List from system where don’t work snc connection to check availability.
  • Using a location webservice we can display a regional distribution from each remote saprouter public IP from managed systems or BP's.
  • Measurement of itsm information of incidents, change request, etc...

When i earn how to do that on BO i will try to update that post with BO universe from Lumira.



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