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Steps to make the comparison of the changes in a query:

1)   1)   Run the transaction RSRTQ and choose a query, for example: Z_FI_MPCA2_016.Select all

2)   2)   Checkbox and run.

sd   3)    Need to press Export button as mentioned below:


            4) Information popup comes then press OK.


          5)   Downloaded the file in Excel Format:




         5) Open the Excel file y and we save in CSV format (coma delimited).              

        6) Lets take example : make the change in the query, in this case doing Always Show column "Cost to Serve per Hour to HIDE.          


               Pre Changes on Query : -->


                       After Changes on Query:-->



       7)  install WinMerge v 2.14, if it's not have install.

😎 Open the WinMerge Program, and select the menú File-->Open.


      9) Press Browse button to select the two newly csv files generated


        10) Press OK  and obtain the result of the comparison.


              This figure shows the change to hide the column Cost to Serve per Hour that was detected by the WinMerge program.

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