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OB52 is a critical transaction which maintains posting periods that allow for posting of transactions.


In a scenario where you have multiple companies in one Client and you have a requirement to restrict OB52 Company Code wise.
through standard controls/authorization object its not possible to achieve the objective.


to restrict OB52 on company code level SAP offers Line level Authorization which can be implemented by applying below mentioned steps

1) Define Organization Criteria

SPRO--> Sap Netweaver --> Application Server --> System Administration --> Users & Authorizations --> Line-Oriented Authorizations --> Define Org Criteria

2) Click On New Entries and Enter criteria Name which should be in Customer Name space i.e. it should start with "Y" or "Z"

3) Select the Newly created Criteria and Double Click Attributes and maintain attributes as "ZBURKS" and Authorization field as 1st Org Criteria as in Figure below and Save the Entries

4) Now select the Org criteria and Double click Table Fields and maintain view/table as "T001B" and Field Name as "BUKRS"as in Figure below and Save the Entries

now Active the newly created Org Criteria by executing the following transaction

SPRO --> SAP Netweaver --> Application server --> System Administration --> Users & Authorizations --> Line Oriented Authorization --> Activate Authorization

At last add authorization Object S_TABU_LIN in Role which contains OB52
and maintain Activity and Attribute 1 which is your Company Code.

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