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What is it?

Companion is an app that will increase your productivity using SAP Cloud Integration. It comes as docker image. You can install it on a server in your network, or on your PC in 5 minutes.

Pizug Companion - Enhance your SAP Cloud Integration!


Over the years, we have explored together the tools that will increase productivity of Cloud Integration(ex:CPI) developers. I have collected these tools to CPI/Pizug Explorer desktop application. However, publishing desktop applications comes with its own problems. For example: some users couldn't use some features due to conflicts with OneDrive.


Also developers might want to deploy it to a server for various benefits. Some new features make sense in a server context.


Now, I'm releasing a Docker Image that can run in your network and also in your personal computer(Windows,Mac,Linux). If you already have docker, installation is very easy.


It is documented step by step here:

If you get stuck, you can join the community Discord server for immediate help.


Credentials Where-used

See which flows, externalized parameters, groovy scripts use the credentials.

Old Post:

Flow Diff

See differences you made between two flows, or the same flow in two tenants.

Old Post:

Hi-Resolution Flow Image

Get crisp flow images you can actually zoom for your documentation.

Old Post:

System Logs Viewer

See the latest logs in the system with ease to debug flow issues or adapter development.

Old post from another application:

Partner Directory User Interface

Explore Partner Directory tables with ease, using grouping.

Old post from another application:

Flow Dependency Graph for ProcessDirect and JMS

Explore dependencies between flows graphically. You can see which flow calls which flow via ProcessDirect.

Old post from SuperEasy extension, this tool is still available as extension for NEO tenants:





As always I'm open to your valuable feedback. More features are planned and I will update this post.

Thanks for the fun journey over the years together!

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