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Join me at this Virtual Tour titled "Unboxing SAP Cloud Platform" where we will introduce
SAP Cloud Platform (from now on, SAP CP) and together discover principal resources with
SAP Community and main product pages.

The session will be on November  3rd at 16:00h CET and will be held in English.

When a new customer starts the journey to onboarding to SAP CP, usually consultants are the first ones who guide the initial steps into the platform. As per my personal experience it is very important for newbies customers or consultants, to understand what does it mean the platform and how will have to manage with it.


Agenda will be like this

  • Introduction

  • What is SAP Cloud Platform and main concepts

  • Let’s discover together useful links in SAP Community combined with Product and Developers pages

Although this call would like to make easier the onboarding process to newbies, maybe could add interesting resources to more experienced colleagues.

Please join me in this live presentation where we are going to have an open discussion for attendees.

Registration link


I’m looking forward to see you there


Thank you in advance



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