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The purpose of this blog post  is to show the common issues or errors while developing the  SAP HANA views during development and  fixing those errors.

Introduction - In SAP HANA, Modelling refers to an activity of  devloping  back end source system (SAP/NON SAP)  tables in the form of  views as per business needs. Modelling plays key role  in SAP HANA and the created views  acts as source for  reporting tools (Webi/Lumira/PowerBI etc).

These views are known as information views and these are of three types.

  • Attribute view

  • Analytic view

  • Calculation view

Attribute View:   Attribute view contains descrptive data.  It contains only dimesnions and mainly used for master data scenarios.

Analytic View: Analytic views acts like  a cube  it contains  both attributes and measures. We can enhance the analytic view by creating calculated and restricted measures on top of exisitng measures & attributes.

Calculation view: Calculation views has advanced capabilities compared to analytic views ,We can combine  the data of earlier created attribute view and analytic views both in a a single view by using nodes like union,join etc.

There are two types of calculation views:

  • Graphical calculation views: this can be created by using a graphical editor.

  • Script-based calculation views:this can be  created by writing SQL scripts.

SAP  HANA recommends us to use only calculation views from going forward  and also suggest us to convert existing analytic views or attribute views to graphical calculation views.

Coming to the blog post, it mainly focuses on common issues, which we face during  the  development of SAP Hana views and how to overcome or fix those issues.


Issue 1- Showing  SAP HANA Key Filed label  instead of SAP HANA Field Name or Description.

Whenever we are creating a Business Objects query for a report or Dashboard using SAP Hana views as back end source , (Calculation or Analytic Views)  with specific columns we used to see or notice  filed label key name instead of field Description.

Ex: MATNR instead of Material.

These will raise  when we have a complex requirement and for this if we  have a multiple union nodes connected to a multiple join  nodes in the views. To fix this, we have to change the label description of the relevant field in SAP HANA back end views as below.

Go to semantics of particular CV/AV and we will see the columns properties, here change the particular column label as per needs.


Issue 2-  SAP Hana Sql Output results are limited to 5000 Records.

In eclipse, SAP Hana Output results are by default limited to 5000 records and if we want to increase the limit apply below settings.

Windows tab -->Preferences--> General-->Runtime-->Result -->Maximum number of rows displayed in result.

Please note that maximum we can have 2147483647 records.


Issue 3- Null value represented as “?”

In eclipse,  by default SAP HANA null values are  represented as ‘? ‘  we can change this if required with our own value either 0 or blank as mentioned below.

Windows tab -->Preferences-->General-->Runtime-->Common-->Representation of null value .


Issue 4- Sql Code Copy and Paste Issue.

In general, we will use  commands Control + C for copy and Control + V for Paste in most of the tools .But In Eclipsed based SAP Hana same commands will not work.

We have to use below commands

  • Control + Insert – Copy  

  • Shift + Insert -- Paste

Issue 5 - Line number representation in script based calculation views.

In General when we work on Sql based Calculation views we will face some syntax or logic  errors in the code and the errors are indicated with line numbers.

Ex: line number 30 BUDAT contains in correct syntax.  However, we are not sure what the code behind line number 30 so in that case if we enable the line number in code  option it will be easy to trace the error and fix the error.

By default it will be disabled in eclipse we need to enable as below.

Windows tab ->Preferences-> General-> Editors-> text editors -> enable show line numbers



Hope this blog can be helpful.


References & Sources -



  2. Hana Studio Product help documentation.





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