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Hello Everyone,

These are few of the errors I faced while I was performing initial/basic and managed system configuration in one of the Solution manager system(7.0 EHP1). I just made an excel out of it and now sharing it with you.

If you have faced similar kind of errors you can add an entry in the table so that the "common errors" resolution can be found at a central place.

Most common errors occurring during Initial/Basic/Managed System Configuration.

Sr No


Proposed/Expected Solution


PPMS Modelling is not valid. Check PPMS keys

Check SMSY configuration for the managed system, select the relevant product.


The unicode settings for destination SOLMANSIDCLNT001 does not match the source system.

Change the Unicode setting in Tx SM59 for the RFC SOLMANSIDCLNT001 .


Establich connection to system <hostname>.Error when opening an RFC connection.

Delete RFCs related to the managed system and recreate them by 'create RFC wizard' in SMSY.


The managed system does not fulfills the Daignostics prerequisites.

Check the agent administration tab in RCA workcenter, attach the agent and then rerun the setup wizard


Start checking  Technical system SID-ABAP, No hosts found, The technical system is not well defined.

Check the relevant component selected for the managed system in SMSY and tick mark the correct one.


No config stores found for technical system SID-ABAP

Run the setup wizard for the Solution Manager System and check for the relevant component in SMSY for the managed system


Wilyhost agent setup finished successfully with limitations . Data of atleast one action is not available in Enterprise manager.

Check the Agent log viewer tab, follow the path: RCA workcenter -> Agent administraion -> Agent Log viewer -> select the hostname of the managed system -> display -> select SMDAgentApplication .0.log.

8$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts

Delete the user ID SMDAGENT_<SOLMANSID> and rerun the setup wizard, this will automatically create the user ID in tne managed system.

9$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts

Execute the 'Change Password Procedure' described in the section '2.3.12 [MANAGED.ABAP.WILYAGT]: ABAP System User for Wily host agent' of the document 'RCA - User Administration Guide' which can be
found at:-


E2E Workload Analysis - No applicable data found

Follow note 1435043 ,



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