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Continuing our meet the ASUG Annual Conference speaker series, I am pleased to introduce Chad Seward, who is presenting session code 0205 "Building the Business Case How Jazz Aviation's BI Program Took Flight"

Q: Please tell us about yourself

A: I am Manager of Enterprise Architecture and Design for Jazz Aviation LP. Jazz, headquartered in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada is one of the largest regional airlines in the world. I joined the company in 2008 and have never suffered a dull moment at the office or while traveling North America and Europe.  It has been a real pleasure working in enterprise architecture for Jazz as the role aligns well with my passion for delivering elegant technical solutions to users. 

Jazz started its enterprise business intelligence program at few years ago and I got involved at the ground level, working to select an implementation partner and technology platform.  We selected SAP Business Objects for the program, which was fantastic timing, as they had just launched the 4.0 platform. We’ve since upgraded to 4.1 and have been reaping benefits out of all of the great features that SAP has been implementing across the entire suite.

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: I am an avid strategy board game enthusiast with a preference for “Euro Games”.  Some of my favorites that hit the table with frequency include: Ticket to Ride, Puerto Rico and Dominion.  I also enjoy “geeking out” over technology be it hobby developing for iOS, or playing with my Raspberry Pi.

Q: Tell us about your session at ASUG Annual Conference?

  A: I’m really looking forward to this year’s ASUG Annual Conference, making lots of new connections with other people and companies investing into business intelligence programs.  I think Barb (Barb Boudreau, co-speaker) and I have an interesting story to tell and a lot of practical advice for attendees – specifically those who are having trouble shaking the corporate “money tree” to fund a BI project.  As well, I’ll be sharing as our experience attempting an agile BI implementation, so don’t miss us if you’d like to get more agility out of your next project.

Here is their Session Abstract:

For some organizations, investing in business intelligence is just the right thing to do; for others, taking this leap of faith is not an option. Achieving a solid ROI is critical and value has to be demonstrated quickly when you are Jazz Aviation LP, Canada’s leading supplier of regional airline services. By starting small and building on each success, Jazz has leveraged its initial investment in the SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite to deliver significant savings, with more on the way. Ruthlessly managing scope and process change while staying true to the business case and proving real ROI, the BI program’s success provided the confidence Jazz needed to fund future deployments. In this session, you will learn: How Jazz funds its BI initiatives; critical success factors to delivering on expectations; learnings on deploying SAP’s 4.X platform; thoughts on Agile BI and evolving a Business Intelligence Competency Centre using a ninja style governance.

Be sure to add this session 205 to your agenda today.

*Note: Chad supplied all photos.

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