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Have you entered the IoT adoption curve? If so it’s worth knowing what is hot on our heels these days. Dynamically changing mobile arena, market scenario, and the demand for quick turnaround necessitates that the customized app solutions must be taken into account. Moreover, these projects have to be well-thought before being implemented; say for example- creating mobile IoT App solutions.

Being a nerdy concept for more than a decade, the Internet of Things seems to be finally gaining momentum, especially in the mobile app realm. More and more remote-controlled network are found established to promote constant communication and data exchange at a fanatic pace. Right from electronic gadgets to analytic software and servers, mini-sensors and database management systems, the technology covers everything in a single go! Now have you wondered what would happen if we combine IoT and mobile apps? Let’s delve into the details right away.

Ubiquitous across the globe, mobile apps are the new Wild West after the emergence of the internet. There is an app out for everything you look around; from shopping to streamlining businesses, booking flights, ordering food and the list goes on. All you require doing is just go through the Android or Apple store, and you will find hundreds not thousands of apps serving a plethora of purposes. In fact, the day has come when mobile apps are considered as a norm for organizations irrespective of their size, to stay ahead in the competitive market. After working all day and all nights long, apps are created to serve multiple purposes such as:

• Interacting well with end users
• Facilitating employee collaboration
• Tracking orders
• Oversee the work process
• Manage supply chain

Whatever industry you work in, financial, manufacturing, retail, entertainment, healthcare- mobile apps are no longer a luxury it has become a pure necessity.

Combining IoT with Custom Mobile Apps

When developing a mobile app for IoT, things are entirely different than building a custom mobile application development. In a layman’s language, it takes you to work a little harder than creating an app like Candy Crush. In addition to this, you need to consider some of the core components like smart devices, sensors, energy, cloud, interface, gateway that define IoT-powered architecture.

Gone are the days when phone without mobile apps was considered as a nightmare. Today, smart devices without AI, AR-VR, IoT technologies are considered as an illusion. Now some of you guys think these disruptive technologies as a blessing while others consider it as a curse. Down below I would like to shed some light stating how IOT is upgrading the mobile app development process and why there is a need for it.

#1 Better Integration

In today’s fast-paced world where innovations happen right in the blink of the eye, smartphones can’t remain the same that used to be a few years back. Indulging IoT in mobile app development means you need advanced integration skills along with an end to end solutions. The roadblock here is integrating enterprise apps and services especially in regards to identity, security, and operations.

#2 Privacy

With IoT, more and more devices are getting connected day in day out. As a result, tracking becomes way easier. When you can track others, chances are there others can track you as well. However, things can be used for good and bad. With the introduction of beacons, smart glasses, cameras, sensors; it has become easy to track your data and then hack your data. Which also means companies must indulge in developing IOT apps that must work on bifurcating personal identifiers from that of personal data.

#3 Enterprise Expertise

IoT apps deliver true value, industrial operational workflow and data supply are pre-requisite. All you require doing is study the needs, concept, and tactics to make it lucrative so that it can outburst with an app ready to work with IOT. In addition to this, don’t miss on the testing part of the app to eradicate bugs or any of the functionality issue.

#4 Smooth Performance and Compatible Design

Retail and consumer operations are way easier than industrial operations. I mean industrial user carry more expertise when it comes to data handling. Which means more and more designers and developers will be found paying extra focus and come up with a design that is not just easy to understand and simple to navigate and data easy to access.

Of course, you will come across several connected devices that generate an immense amount of time series data that requires real-time processing. Overall, your custom mobile app has to be flexible enough and be able to sustain the load of massive data and yet entail the end users so that it works faster and smoother.

When Using IoT

There are a few things one has to be aware of when incorporating IoT into your IoT Devices.

Over dependency- In the present scenario, everyone is a technology freak. With IoT, dependency will spread amongst generations and in daily routines of users. No application is fault free; I mean there are hitches in every technical application. If you depend on IoT rules, chances are there devices may sometimes create trouble if something is not working or crashed.

Losing security- As I said before, there is involvement of multiple devices and technologies. Here data storage and retrieval become a prime concern for the companies as all of them are involved at the same time. If you have a single company, chances are there it might lead to a domination question.

Lesser employment prospects- In the future, there will be fewer requirements of human resources, as activities are becoming automated on a daily basis. This may create an employment issue in society.

Wrapping up!
Any change brings threat and expectation, hoping for some kind of success or risk involved. Slowly and steadily internet of things is leaking into the innovative world. So, if you are one of those enterprises sitting tight and waiting for others to take some initiative towards IoT- Trust me you have a lot to lose!

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