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Combination charts allow multiple layers of a graph to share the same category, but have their own values and series grouped and drawn in different styles.

A combination chart consist of two components:

  • sap.makit/CombinationChartcontrol
  • sap.makit/Layerelement

To create a combination chart, create aCombinationChartcontrol and add multipleLayerelements. TheCombinationChartcontrol serves as a container for the combination chart and multiple charts are added by means of 'layers' aggregation: each chart in theCombinationChartis represented by theLayerobject. TheCombinationChartcontrol contains all the properties, aggregations, events, and methods that are shared by all layers.


  1. Load sapui5 and add makit library
  2. Get the Data.I am using custom should be like this
  3. Create CombinationChart control and define categoryRegions

     4.Create Layers.

     5.Add columns

     6.Bind data to layers

     7.Add layers to combination chart.

     8.Add combination chart to Page and add page to App control.

sharing sample code

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