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The MDG Framework Provides the POWL list as the Change request Inbox. If we need to have a different colour coding for a specific column, we can achieve this by following the document



Current Change request Inbox





Now we can see how we can provide a colour for the Sent On colum. The standard class which is used for controlling this inbox is cl_usmd_crequest_powl. We need to inherit this class so that we could modify some of those methods to achieve the colour. We shall create a new class zcl_usmd_crequest_powl so that it inherits from the super class cl_usmd_crequest_powl.


Create a Constructor method with the following coding:




io_cust_helper = io_cust_helper ).

initialize_feeder( ).



Now redefine the method READ_CUST_FIELDCAT and have the following code


data: wa_fieldcat like line of et_fieldcat.


call method super->read_cust_fieldcat


iv_type = iv_type

iv_langu = iv_langu


et_fieldcat = et_fieldcat.

catch cx_ibo_powl_no_fieldcatalog_se .


Read table et_fieldcat into wa_fieldcat with key colid = ‘WI_CD_TS’.

wa_fieldcat-color = '02'.

Modify et_fieldcat from wa_fieldcat index sy-tabix.



This would be providing the column in green colour.





Now go to transaction code powl_type and change the entry of Usmd_Crequest_wi from

Cl_usmd_crequest_powl to zcl_usmd_crequest_powl.



This works fine with NWBC but when used from a Portal screen, you might face some Performance issues

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