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Summary and Background

There are quite a lot of discussions within SCN about conditionally coloring of table-rows in SAP UI5. Kiran Kumar Valluru posted a very good blog about table coloring with addStyleClass() function:

This step by step procedure shows how to solve this problem by using XML-Views, an oData Service and custom CSS File without any additional JavaScript coding.


Step1: OData Service

The OData Service with the Entity “PLSTRUCList” has the following properties (unused properties are hidden):

“Rfarea” and “KslCurrStr” will be used for table binding. The property “Style” declares, which Stylesheet should be used for the table row.

If we take a look to the SAP Gateway Client, we will get the following result for this Entityset:

Step2: Consuming oData Service in XML-View

This is how the table is declared in the XML-view:

In order to render the rows in different styles we need to add Custom Data to DOM. In this example we use the key “mydata”:

This will generate the HTML with “data-mydata” tag (screenshot from chrome debugging):

Step 3: Custom Style-Sheet

Finally, we have to add a custom Style Sheet to the workspace:

…and add the following line to index.html:

The myCSS.class File has only one code-line in this example:

It ensures, that every UI-Element with “data-mydata = emphcolor1” should be rendered with the appropriate background-color.


The screenshot below shows the final result:

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