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Like the image below , the coloring series based on the selection made in the above chart (pie chart here) , the “series color” of the below chart (drill down chart-column chart here) can be changed.

This trick can be followed for any chart. To do this, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Drag a chart and map values to it, enable data insertion.

2.     Map the Drill down data, and destination. The destination(yellow colored row here) of this drill down will be the values shown in the column chart here.

3.     In the appearance tab, select the series colors such that, when a particular selection is made in the main chart, that selected color is shown in the chart down below (column chart here). Note the RGB values of these colors, and put it in columns along with the data labels (column E and F here as shown below).

The RGB color formatting should be in this format


In the cell F7 (yellow colored cell) write a formula to pick the selected color.


Column Chart Linking:

The destination of the drill down is to be linked to the column chart.

The series color of the column chart is to be bound to the cell having the formula (yellow colored cell here in the image below).

I have attached sample file with it. change the extension to ".xlf" to view the file.

And thats how it is done.



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