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  • One who executes the CBTA test scripts
  • One who is tracking CBTA script execution
  • Anyone who wants to know this functionality


     Test manager has created Test plans and test packages. One round of execution is completed with few test scripts Passed and few Failed.

     After resolving the script/data issues for the failed test scripts, tester wants execute all failed scripts.

     Intention is, end of the day tester should select all failed test cases and give for execution and go home.



      1. Execute the complete test package -->This will execute even the already passed test cases. So not a desired option :sad:   
      2. Execute each script one by one through test package -->Time consuming option :sad:
      3. Create new test package of failed test cases and then schedule execution --> It’s not allowed as Test Plan is released and Test Manager does

                       not want to modify it :mad:

                  4Execute selected failed test scripts Collectively :smile: Described Below :smile:


  1. Go to Test Management work center --> Tester Worklist
  2. Select the Test Package which consists of failed test case you want to execute collectively.

C. Select Goto --> Status Overview

      "Status Overview – Test Organizer" screen opens up.

  D. Select the required test package and click on “Status Analysis”:

  E. Then click on “Tabular Display” button:

F. Click on “Select All” button. All objects will be selected:

     Deselect the Folders from the selection by pressing Ctrl button.

     Now only selected items are Test Scripts.

G.   Click on “Automatic Test” button:

  H.  All the test scripts from the selected Test Package are available.

       Select only the failed test scripts to be executed in Collective Mode.

       Click on Copy button:

I. “Start Options” screen comes up.

     Check that Perform Test is set to <Collective Execution>.

     Select the required Test option and click on Execute:

All selected test script will be executed one after the other automatically. This will be the unattended execution for multiple selected test scripts.

This is how Collective Execution will work!!

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