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Purpose of documet:

This document provides details on tables to be referred and procedure to collect information related to Non BW objects (like includes, tables, methods, class etc) for transporting across different landscapes in BW (Dev to Quality to Production in a typical business scenario)

1.  Webdynpro

   To collect information related to webdynpro objects, go to Table WDY_COMPONENT to get the list of the Webdynpro Components

Go to Table WDY_APPLICATION to get the list of the Webdynpro application, Component, view names in detail

To refer any other details - Webdynpro tables starts with WDY* in SE11.

2. Transaction Codes

    To collect information related to transaction codes, go to Table TSTC & get the list of Transaction Codes.


3. BPS Objects:

Step 1:   Get the list of planning areas from UPC_AREAT

Step 2:  Run the program UPC_TRANSPORT_BPS_ALL

               Specify the option as “Full Transport” and provide planning areas we got from step 1.


It is always advisable to go for Full transport as BPS contains lot of dependent objects (Planning Levels, Packages, Formula Extensions (FOX), Variables, and Planning Sequences) and by choosing the option selective transport would result in non-collection of dependent objects under request. The objects will be collected as table entries under customization request

Drawbacks / Pain points / Suggestions for improvement:

The standard program accepts only one planning area and we can enhance this program (Create a custom program) to accept multiple planning areas to expedite the transport of BPS applications.

Normal programs:

To collect information on Normal Programs, Go to TADIR Table and mention Object Type = PROG


4. Customer exit

   To collect information on Customer Exits, refer table TADIR and mention Object Type = CMOD to collect custom exits that starts with Z.

5. BADIs:

To collect information on BADIs, go to TADIR Table & mention Object Type = ENHO (for implementation) & ENHS ( for Enhancement spot)

ENHO (for implementation):

ENHS (for Enhancement spot):

      6. Classes & Interfaces:

To collect information on classes and interfaces, Go to Table SEOCLASS and mention the Class Name (CLSNAME) & Class types (CLSTYPE) as 0 for Class & 1 for Interfaces

    7. Methods:

To collect information on Methods, go to Table TMDIR and Mention the Class Name in Object Type Name – for class and retrieve its respective methods

8. Tables/Structures/Views:

  To transport Tables Go to table DD02L & get the list of tables/Structures/views based on the entries maintained in field ‘TABCLAS’

9. BSP applications:

   To collect information related to BSP applications, go to Table SSCOOKIE to get the list of BSP Application

10. Function Module / Function Group:

   To collect information on function modules go to Table TFDIR to get the list of Function Modules

To collect information on function groups, go to Table TLIBG to get the list of Function Group

11. Includes:

    To collect information related to Includes, go to Table TRDIR à Mention Program Type as ‘I’ to get the list of Includes


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