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I am very excited to see a new feature which has been rolled out in SAP AppGyver - Project Sharing. You can now share your projects with other team members and enable them to view/edit the project at the same time.

Few months back, I had a customer ask for this feature. They were looking to get both business users and IT team to collaborate and build an app using a single project in SAP AppGyver. Their plan was to have their business users to build an app with the page design, theming, navigation and then get the IT Team to add business logic and connect the app to backend APIs. This new feature in SAP AppGyver would enable such collaboration.

In this blog post, I would like to share my experience on this topic. For demonstrations, I have two users (BU & MS) who would be accessing the same project.

User BU has created a project called "Collaboration" with few UI controls like Text and a submit button.

Additional members can be added to this project from the Application Development Lobby.

Clicking on "Me" will provide a popup to add other users (type in their email address) and select the authorization. You can select from Viewer, Developer or Administrator as authorization and they are documented here.

When the second user MU accesses the Application Development Lobby, they will now be able to see this project. Notice that there are two members listed under the members column.

We can now test how both these users can collaborate and edit the same project. In the below screenshot, User BU has started to make changes to the Text.

While User BU is editing the page, User MS will be able to see this profile of User BU in orange color. When all the changes have been saved by User BU, this color will change to grey.

When the User BU saves the changes, it automatically reflect for the User MS (since this is a non-conflicting change).

Now, let me show you what happens when both the users work on the same object. User BU likes to change the label of the button to "Send"

At the same time, User MS also changes the label of the button to "Save"

Now depending on who saves the work first, the changes will get updated. If User BU saves the changes first, the remaining users will get a popup informing that their changes have been discarded.

Hence, in this case, User MS will see the Label as "Send" (which was set by User BU)

Hence its a best practice to frequently save your application and ensure all your developers work on the latest version of the project.

Please note that this feature of "Project Sharing" is not available in the Community Edition of SAP AppGyver. You can test this out if you are accessing SAP AppGyver from SAP Business Technology Platform.

Here is a fun video which shows how you can do Project Sharing in SAP AppGyver

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