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Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking for a while to come out with a topic which could help people and make them aware of what we are heading towards .

Well after pondering for a while I have come up with the topic which most of them know about but still requires some more focus .

Yes CO2 Emissions across the globe is my first ever story for my data geek entry .

In this post, I would like to brief you the usage of SAP Lumira to understand the CO2 emissions by showing you the insights of my data .

The data can be downloaded from Data Samples for SAP Lumira

As we have an option in SAP Lumira to explore the data directly from ExcelI have just browsed the source file and selected the required fields to explore and

finally acquired the data.

I wanted to find the Countries which contribute to the high CO2 emissions during the period of 2005 - 2010 . Since SAP Lumira has a good geographical bubble

chart and chloropleth chart , it has helped me to view my data in a better way and give a good understanding of exploring my data using it .

I have created a Geographical Hierarchy on Country Name .

  Few issues were resolved by editing the Geopgraphical Data . This feature of SAP Lumira has helped me to enrich my data and has helped me to come out

  with a more accurate information . 

  Finally all issues have been resolved .

  Then I have made visualisations of my data for period of 2005 - 2010 using Geographical bubble chart and Chloropleth chart which gave the density of pollution

  due to CO2 Emissions across the globe .

  This is for the year 2005 . I have used background images and controls to make it more interactive . The controls help to give a more detailed understanding of

  my data .

  Well since I am an Indian I would just like to show you the insight of my data of India's contribution to CO2 Emissions during 2005 which is around 1.06 .

    Similarly I have come up with visualisations for the years 2006 , 2007 , 2008 , 2009 , 2010 .

  Also now to enrich my data I have added % change 2005-10 to measures and removed a few duplicate attributes .

  Now I have moved a step further and have compared the CO2 Emissions during period 2005 - 2010 by % change in 2005 - 2010 . I have implemented this using line

  chart and area chart .

  Now I have compared CO2 Emissions during years 2009 & 2010 by using donut chart , column chart and line chart .

  SAP Lumira also gave me a zoom in option which I could used for my donut chart to show the % change during 2009 - 2010 in CO2 Emissions country wise .

  Now I have used the stacked column chart feature which I found very useful to showcase the CO2 Emissions during 2008 - 2010 for various countries .

  This gave me a better understanding of the major contributors to CO2 Emissions which in turn is leading to global warming . If you observe closely I really found

  the background image really interesting where the Statue Of Liberty is drowning with a man hanging on it . I am just trying to imply that if we don't start to do something

  about the alarming increasing rate of CO2 Emissions then this would probably be the scenario of the world .

  Next I have used filters and rank values to show the top 3 major contributors to CO2 emissions during period 2005 - 2010 .

  Finally after these processes this was my visualisation for the top 3 countries contributing to CO2 Emissions during the period 2005 -2010 . Also here

  if you look closely there is a Qatar aeroplane flying in the background and Qatar is one of the leading contributors towards CO2 emissions .

Finally this is my last visualisation by which I would like to conclude my story . I have used tag cloud chart to achieve this . This is a really cool feature wherein the countries

which contributed more towards CO2 Emissions were shown in larger font (as per 2010 data) .

I have come to the end of my story . I have really found SAP Lumira helpful in enriching my data and helping me to get a deeper understanding of the increasing

rates of CO2 Emissions across the globe . This was an eye opener for me as I went through my data and I hope I have made you aware too about the consequences

by stating these facts and in the process also made it interesting as I narrated my story and made it worthwhile for the readers . All in all SAP Lumira has helped me come

up with a good conclusion to this topic along with a very good visualisation .

Thanks for reading .

Regards ,

Abhishek Dutta

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