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Few weeks back a colleague of mine enquired if it is possible for IoT devices to publish sensor data as messages to a messaging broker in HCP. There are lot of advantages of a having a message broker in the platform. It can support high volume, high speed data, asynchronous communication and also supports many different protocols. I have heard of RabbitMQ messaging service which is available as part of Cloud Foundry (Beta) and hence I thought as an initial step, I will first try and get an application to talk to the messaging service. Just like many traditional SAP developers, I was not very familiar with using Cloud Foundry. It took me a while to understand the concepts, but once I got the first application working, I was able to appreciate some of the capabilities and was able to quickly build things on top of it.

Hence, I have uploaded a video which is purely meant for beginners to get themselves familiar with the Cloud Foundry(CF) environment and quickly get started. In this video, I will walk through the steps required to setup a CF beta account and also show how to use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to deploy a nodejs application which can interact with RabbitMQ service hosted on CF.

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