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HCI- Odata Scenario


Purpose Soap sender to Odata receiver using SOAP and Odata adapters.


Requirement Wsdl for SOAP request and Odata service .


ODATA Provisioning Concept

Odata provisioning is used to expose gateway services on SAP Cloud. Business logic is exposed via odata services . Service created in gateway system needs to be registered before we use in process integration.

(Copy the service document as target address for odata in HCI )


  1. SOAP request will be sent via SOAP adapter and data will be mapped to message mapping.

2. In Odata Configuration target address will be added from Odata provisioning link as mentioned above.

(System credentials needs to be deployed in Security Material in order to make a connection between cloud and gateway)


3.  Select the operation to be performed in processing tab operation details.


4. Select the EntitySet and the primary details in the resource path to configure the query which will fetch the data from the Odata service.






5. Once deployed soap request will initiate the process and data will be fetched   from  the Odata  service and sent as response to SOAP sender.


  Odata adapter can be used with Request-Reply step as well. In request reply step we need  to retrieve data from the Odata service and proceed to further step with the response data.



Odata adapters made the usage of odata service very easy for integration designers who are not very much aware of the entire gateway framework. All Odata operations (Read,Write..) can be used  as described in blog easily without getting into details by integration team.



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