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A few months ago, I published a post related to the CLI tool for Cloud Integration.
Here is a link to that post:

Now the time has come for a desktop version for this tool - I have named it cigDesktop.

The application can be run on Windows, macOS and linux systems. I have put the executable files for windows/amd64 on Github.
At the moment, this application solves the problem of transferring/transporting integration flows between different tenants. The application can also be used to move iflow in the same tenant.

The main advantages of using the app:

  • When you do the iflow transport the first time - the configuration parameters are taken from source system

  • When you do the iflow transport next time - there is no need to create the configuration parameters from scratch.

  • The transported iflow is transferred as a new version to the target system. You have access to earlier versions.

  • It is possible to change the Id and Name of the iflow during transport.

  • intuitive interface

The project repository is available at:

Executable files for the windows operating system are available at:


Some screenshots of the app:

Integration flows View


Transport View

Settings View


This is the first version of the app, I have some ideas on what to improve and what can be added.
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