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This blog post describes how to configure a scenario with XI adapter sender and Receiver for cloud integration where your Customer doesn't  have SLD. We must remember that it is not the CPI that depends on an SLD, but XI engine in the backend.


Configuring Scenario with XI Sender: 

When we worked with migration from PI/PO to CPI, the system already have a SLD installed, but when we have that implement a integration with XI adapter where the system doesn't have PI/PO and solman, so we don't have a way to direct it to an sld and that seems to make our integration with Adapter XI in Cloud Integration very difficult.

To solve this problem, we follow these steps:

There is a table that you can enter some data in to avoid using an SLD for such scenarios.

Reference blog post:


1 - Create an iFlow-specific RFC-Destination to SAP Cloud Integration (SM59)



2 - Chose Basic authentication and insert your Cloud integration user and password.


3 - /cxf/XIEngine/Server - See that XIEngine / Server is the address of our generic iflow.



4 - Make an entry in the Integration Engine Configuration to select the correct destination for your   sender id (SXMB_ADM). Make sure your Integration Engine is configured as an application system (LOC).




5 - In the cloud integration system, create a generic iflow server to transfer data to the respective iflows with the ProcessDirect adapter on the right.


here we have a view of one of the so called iflows.



We can now then run a test directly from the sproxy:


We can see the execution of the generic iflow and the call of the secondary iflow:

Configuring Scenario with XI Receive: 


The XI receive scenario is even easier, just configure the cloud connector path on the address and provide the credentials. When running the integration, you can check it in the sproxy debug transaction.



SAP Cloud Integration Helpfull links:

Configure the XI Sender Adapter -

Configure the XI Receiver Adapter -

To summarize:

1 - How to configure SAP for integrations via XI Adapter for a scenario where your customer doesn't have SLD.
2 - How to test a scenario with XI Sender Adapter and Receive via sproxy;
3 - How to build a generic interface with ProcessDirect Adapter;

What's your experience with XI Adapter in cloud integration ?
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