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You have been playing with SAP Cloud Platform (Foundry environment) but your free trial account has expired and it isn't possible to extend your free trial...

...don't worry you can create a new trial account... But after this new cloud fondry space created is possible that you see that you don't have any cuota.

The solution is to increase your quotas by the option "Entitlements"

Let's GO to the solution!

  • We need to go to the "global account", click on account:

  • Go to the "Entitlements". In this option we find all the services that we can use and their fees:

  • Click on "Edit"

  • The easy way is to activate everything, but, before wasting resources without using, I advise you the following services that will allow you to create UI5 ​​applications and databases and from here you need them:


    • Application Runtime -> Repository for applications

    • Connectivity -> Connectivity between the Cloud and SAP on-premise (using cloud connector)

    • Destination -> Connectivoty between the Cloud and other SAP & NON-SAP Systems

    • HANA -> Trial database (shared)

    • HTML5 Application Repository -> App_repo where the sapui5 application will be saved.


  • Then click on "save"


Go back to your space and you will see that your account is ready!


Best regards and enjoy!
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