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This blog intends to explain the configuration to be done in SAP Cloud Connector (SCC), to import mappings from Enterprise Service Repository of your SAP PI/PO system.

You have developed some mappings in your SAP PI/PO system and you have a scenario where you must re-use them in your SAP CPI iflows, then this blogs gives away the initial connection setup to be done in SAP Cloud Connector

Thanks for reading the two paragraphs, without much a-do let me get into the things we love, which is the technical part

Step 1 - Login to your PI server and in the same network you need to have SAP Cloud Connector

Step 2 - Make sure you have your CPI/HCI account already configured with this particular SAP Cloud Connector

Step 3 - Go to Cloud to On-premise and create a new mapping of Virtual to Internal System, Choose Back-end type as SAP Process Integration from the drop down

Step 4 - Click on Next, Choose the protocol as HTTP.

Step 5 - Enter Fully-Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of your PI server in hostname and corresponding port

Step 6 - Enter meaningful server name in the virtual host and corresponding port

Step 7 - Keep Principal type as None

Step 8 - Select Check Internal Host and Click on Finish

Step 9 - This step is important and here you mention the paths which can be accessed your corresponding CPI system. The path required to pick up the mapping details is /rep/query/int. Lets configure only this path and lets not give access to any other paths.

This is to ensure that other resources of your PI system have restricted access



Once you are done with the Cloud Connector Configuration, you can use this connection in your SAP CPI system. The SAP CPI system configuration is already covered in the below blog, you can refer to it and complete your configuration


We have a connection mechanism now, to import our Message mappings developed in SAP PI/PO system into SAP CPI. This help us re-use the components which are already developed in SAP PI/PO.


Congrats for making it through the blog 😉 Happy learning and will meet you again in the upcoming blogs !!

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