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With the beginning of the AI era, we are flooded with so many products enhanced with AI capabilities. SAP has also been indulging with exploring the potentials of such Large Language Models (LLMs) based AI in the SAP ecosystem. If one searches the SAP Blogosphere, one can find a large number of articles regarding SAP and ChatGPT integration. It's exciting to know that such a tool with AI enhanced capability is already making its way from SAP.

SAP has a prototype in place which can write entire application code based on CAP (Cloud Application Programming) from textual input.

Business Scenario: Robust and reliable Solution for effective ticket management and enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining internal processes for the business.


  • To enable customers to submit tickets and agents to handle and resolve them efficiently.

  • The service should be capable of both receiving ticket admissions from various channels such as email, phone or web portal and storing the necessary Customer and ticket details in the database.

  • It would also include functionalities for assigning tickets to agents based on availability, expertise and workload.

Ticket Management

We are accustomed to open a VSCode or Business Application Studio and start coding manually, with some help from generators / accelerators. Then create files with extensions .cds in the folders 'db', 'srv' etc..

Here's how the future will look like:


In the above screengrab, we can see that the entire business requirement is provided to the prompt in a chat like textual input.
The prototype tool then generates the models, services, as shown in the screenshots below.

One can run the app using the command > cds watch.

Via this app, one can modify and update ticket details, as stated in the objective 'handle'  as the input the prompt ( first screengrab ).

To sum up, this tool will definitely save development time for businesses to get new applications in place.
Hopefully SAP will demo this and few more of such prototypes in upcoming TechEd 2023 in November.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on this new tool, in trial environments and thinking of the prospects of putting it in use.

Another aspect of introducing such a tool will be the upskilling and training required for prompt engineering. With charges from OpenAI to use its state-of-the-art GPT-4 models, it will be interesting to see the Pricing Plans when SAP makes these tools available to customers.
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