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After the client exporting in source system, the client content transports are not automatically add to input queue of target system for non-sharing transport directory.

Current Situation:

There is not central transport directory for SAP transport domain.

SAP Development System -> local /usr/sap/trans

SAP Test System -> local /usr/sap/trans

SAP Production System -> local /usr/sap/trans

Then how to find the transport request of client data? :wink:

Transaction Code STMS -> Import Overview -> select target SAP system-> click extras -> other requests -> Find in other group -> In all transport groups, decide whether to start immediate or start in background.

For more information, please refert to Finding Requests in Other Groups - Software Logistics - SAP Library

After finishing, the corresponding datafiles and cofiles for these transport request are automatically copied from source to target transport directory. At the same time, the transport requests for client content are added into the transport directory of target system.

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