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Deploying UI5 apps to an ABAP application server from a local development environment or a CD pipeline is always a hot discussion topic in projects. SAP itself provides some tools, but still with some gaps.

In the past I developed already deployment options for the

In the past I was asked several times if I could provide the option to deploy a UI5 app by a pure CLI tooling (without using a task runner or the UI5 Tooling). Now I sat down and implemented such a  tooling. It is called ui5-nwabap-deployer-cli and uses the same deployer core functionality like the Grunt and UI5 tooling tasks. Because of that of course the same functionality is available (like the automatic creation of a new transport, usage of a transport in which the application is already locked, recalculation of application index, ...). For all the details, follow the link to the ui5-nwabap-deployer-cli npm package.


In short, how can you use the CLI tooling.

1st - install it
npm install -g ui5-nwabap-deployer-cli

2nd - provide required configuration in a configuration file (all configuration can be passed as command line arguments too of course); by default a configuration file .ui5deployrc is checked; an example can be:
"cwd": "./dist",
"files": "**/*.*",
"server": "http://vhcala4hci:50000",
"client": "001",
"useStrictSSL": false,
"package": "ZZ_UI5_REPOSITORY",
"bspContainer": "ZZ_UI5_TEST",
"bspContainerText": "Test UI5 Upload",
"createTransport": true,
"transportUseLocked": true
"calculateApplicationIndex": true

3rd - deploy your application
ui5-deployer deploy --user DEVELOPER --pwd myCrazyPassword

That's it.

In case of questions, remarks or other things, feel free to comment or write me a message.


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