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This document explains how to clear a value from lookup field from backend i.e. Import Manager.

Suppose Currency is a not changeable field for the End-User i.e. cannot be changed by end user after initial approval of record or even if it’s a changeable field user cannot set blank value in that field since blank entry cannot be maintained in lookup table, hence field cannot be set to blank from data manager.

Now my requirement is that I want to clear the value from field Currency.

Create a excel file with Unique Field(SAP MDM ID) and required field(Currency) as blank.

Now, map the required fields in Import Manager.

Since the required field is lookup field so we need to map the destination value. Now we doesn’t have blank value in our lookup table. So the first thing we try is to map it with null any try to execute import, but unfortunately the values doesn’t get updated.

The solution is to Set NULL Interpretation appropriately in Map Fields/Values Pane, Destination fields section, setting it as Overwrite in currency field will serve the purpose.

Now again Map the blank value to <null> and set NULL Interpretation as Overwrite and Execute Import

Now, if you check in Data Manager the Currency is set to blank.

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