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This was a submission for the SAP Analytics Cloud Hackathon:

How to get a strategic vision of your company with SAP Analytics Cloud

Do we really know our own company? Based on this premise, we are committed to creating a 360 vision of the company (analogous to the 360 vision philosophy of the client) in which all aspects of the value chain are studied not separately but unified, protected by influence. cultural datalakes as unifying means of business information systems.

Clarcat moves towards a data driven company and we understand that to achieve this it is necessary to understand what happens within the company analyzing all its dimensions: rrhh, staff, customer, geography, products, ...

Through SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD we have developed an analytics app to explore and understand what our data tells.

We start from global KPIS within the "home" section from which all business branches are born: geography, personnel, human resources, products and customers.

Each section is accessed through links by clicking on each of its icons and we can always return to the home using the Clarcat icon.

Within the geography section we benefit from the line filtering functions provided by SAP Analytics Cloud that allows us to choose according to the department and / or the client and also the interactivity of the graphics so we manage to locate our greatest benefits and that department provides it to us.

An important line in which to track is productivity and analyze all its aspects: hours worked, personnel involved, even according to each client or type of project and of course have a monthly history. We use popups to deepen at different levels.

Human resources is a structural part of the business that we cannot forget, to take into account staff turnover, the number of quarterly selections, to know if the staff is of medium or long duration, etc ...

In order to analyze the behavior of our products and their penetration in customers, we arrived at this section initially with a top of profitability, its quarterly and department benefits and a forecast being able to choose the product that you want to study separately, here the Popup does not help to geographically locate the products, their activity and the personnel involved.

As a last section, there are the clients we need to know as much as possible to adapt our services to their needs, so we use radio buttons to analyze their behavior from the point of view of different dimensions (department, project or products). We analyze the number of people who work for each client and what benefit it provides and not less important to have a record of the number of quarterly clients contrasted with the benefit of produce.

Here is the link where you can visit our app:;mode=present;view_...
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