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Hello colleagues,


Here you will find one extra variant how to make correction of installed software information.

There is the original blog post - how to do CISI by using SUM and Maintenance Planner.


All symptoms and prerequisites are the same as in the original post:

  • for any reasons product versions are mismatched

Product versions are mismatched

Other Terms

CISI, SUM, Maintenance Planner, MP_CISI.xml, Erroneous System, Product Version Mismatch


Here are the steps to create corrected CISI xml file for a system in via SPAM transaction and use SUM tool to correct the product versions:

1. Log in to the system

2. Open SPAM transaction

3. Go to Utilities -> Generate system info XML

SPAM transaction and generating XML

4. Save the XML file and correct the product version

5. Follow the step 5 from the original post


These steps will help to change product versions of your systems without access to Maintenance Planner.
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