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Source: SAP

In case you missed last week's event, be sure to register for the APJ event:


I was one of the moderators for the Chief Data Officer track, under the guidance of the great ginger.gatling  - I want to thank Ginger, ina.mutschelknaus and jane.fu for a great experience.  I never moderated 4 different sessions in less than 2.5 hours before.


Supply Chain Data Governance Strategy at Corning

Source: SAP

Register for the short replay here.

Here's the Q&A from the session.

Where can I learn more about a data governance strategy?

You can learn more here:

Where can I learn more about SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward?

This link is a good place to start:

What is next for your governance program? What is your strategy moving forward?

Set of short term, tactical and a long term plan. Short term - expanding the program to consume more domains, product information, material master, making headway in sales information, customer domain, and pricing data objects. Working on how to automate data corrections

Where can I learn more about the demo you SAP Data Intelligence?

You can see more demos at

What do you recommend if we don't have an executive sponsor but want to get started with governance

Start at grass roots level, within local business processes, that you see inefficiencies, and find data lineage that could be causing, and see if data improvement you can make, capture before and after state, document series of small successes and make a formal report, and use it to leverage leadership, value in managing data as an asset.

In your organization, who was the sponsor to get the program started initially?

Reports in supply chain solution group, responsible of enable for group - technology function - report to director of supply chain program - director of supply chain

You mentioned you are heavy users of Information Steward and Data Services – what are the key ways you are using them for governance business rules

Pull information using SAP Data Services from central core ERP systems and complement with data sources, and arrive at consolidated merged data sets, staged in Data Services, then queried by rules in Information Steward - example missing delivery plant on material - adds value, impacts shipping out the door.

How long ago did it take to setup your data governance organization, and was there resistance from the business, or did they drive the setup as well.

program around for 5 years, made strides since implementation of Data Services/Information Steward since 2017 - series of checks, data quality; built cohesive platform, standardization - 2-3 years; resistance - provide programmatic approach, improve business processes


All Good? Understand the Truth with a Data Quality Assessment

Source: SAP

Register for the short replay here

Here's the Q&A from the session.

How could I schedule a data quality assessment?

Work with the SAP Account Team - platform & tech executive, align from COE, workshops needed, how mature from data

Do you have any resources to help us build our data strategy?

Yes. We have a dedicated site with tools and resources (including a Master Class video series!) available at

Where can I learn more about SAP Data Services and SAP Data Intelligence?

SAP product section of web site - EIM products > Data Services > Data Intelligence

Where can I learn more about data quality and governance, including SAP Data Services, Information Steward and Data Intelligence.

You can learn more at to explore more on the topics of Data Quality and Information Governance.

Are people usually surprised at the results of a data quality assessment?

yes; worked with several companies since COVID - done 12; in 10 out of 12, thought data was clean, when look at requirements/data, found when it came to descriptions from materials, from archiving - found kept vendors from past 30 years

How long do assessments take and who normally participates?

initial workshops - outline functional groups, 2-3 hours long to start conversations - SME's, data leaders, data maintainers, line of business, time to take - 3-4 days for running all 4 master data domains -

What are the deliverables from an assessment?

look at findings report, analytics done, completeness, conformity, validity, look at duplicates, errors, missing information, from observations deliver strategy road map, validation workshop & hands on workshop



Data Quality and Migration: How to Prepare the Move to SAP S/4HANA

Source: SAP

Register for the replay here

Here's the Q&A from the session.

Where can I learn more about data integration and data quality solutions from SAP?

You can learn more here:

Do I need MDG or Data Services for a migration solution?

MDG and Data Services provide different functions for migration and after - MDG master data governance - govern that data - -even before you move to S/4HANA - learn about your data and ongoing in S/4HANA - ability to control data with approval processes; Data Services - ETL extract transform load - read both SAP and non-SAP system, bring those disparate data sources - also covers data quality

What should I do first if I don't have a data migration strategy? Where do I start?

Date is looming, it did get pushed; if on ECC need to move to S/4HANA - start with your data, look at profiling your data, understand what is going on with data; have SAP solution Information Steward to profile your data

What if my migration is a year off, what should I use today?

Looking at data with Information Steward, look at content; talked to customers who haven't archived. With more and more regulations, compliance, need archiving especially with GDPR

Would I need to have S/4HANA set up before I start cleansing my data for the migration?

you can start before S/4HANA is set up - in Prepare phase of data lifecycle of S/4HANA - "fun stuff of innovation"



One Data Management at Döhler

Source: SAP

Register for the replay here.

Here's the Q&A from the session.

How can we measure value of master data program(ROI) and show it on dashboard

Do not have the dashboard; project defined, discussed, business, define costs of programming, bring in benefits

How did you get support for your data management initiatives at Doehler?

Part of top 5 company goals, want to be digital leader in industry, very driven by the Board, get attention

Where can I learn more about master data quality management and governance?

You can learn more at

Can you talk more about how your executives leverage you data quality dashboards?

She talks to board members, define data need, quality expect, leverage data quality, ensure data as soon as possible

For what data domains are you using SAP MDG today? What are your plans for the future?

Business partner, customer, contact, want to extend for suppliers, extend for Ariba, material master

How long has your data governance program been setup, did it require a culture change in the organization, or was it an easy program to setup from an organizational stand point.

program was not that long - started with MDQ, implemented, wanted to use MDG for business partner to extend for external, set up as a POC, started with customer service on a daily, found POC so good, only a few things they wanted to change, POC made 90% of requests, working on extensions

If you were starting your data governance program today, what would you do the same? What would you do different?

what do differently - immediately get head of functions, bring in program, know what strategy, is goal, and bring in their teams, communication would be easier



See all replays here.


Source: SAP


Don't miss Chef Jen Barney, 2-time Food Network Champion, replay session under the "fun" topic area - it was fun

Q&A with Jen Barney:

For the first recipe, the Ghirardelli chocolate chips - were those large chocolate chips? Where do you find those? 🙂

size of the chip doesn't matter, but make sure it's a good quality chip.

She also recommended looking at high quality ingredients, such as Organic Valley and Ghiradelli


If you attended the event, what did I miss?  Thanks to the great speakers and to Ina, Ginger, and Jane for their hard work.
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