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I am using Analysis Office 1.4 SP5 and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

First I create the Analysis Office workbook with Conditional Formatting to highlight projects over budget.  I include a cross tab and a chart.  Below is how it looks in Analysis Office:

I included some filters in Analysis Office as well.

I click the "Create Web Application" button in Analysis Office.  This takes me to Design Studio:

Note that it doesn't highlight the conditional formatting for projects over budget until I set the Conditional Formatting property to True on the Crosstab, as shown below:

This is how it looks at run time in Design Studio:

I can interact and select the filters as well.

So in less than 5 minutes I can "mobilize" Analysis Office with no programming required.  I need to work on the spacing some more so it is not so crowded with the filters in the future.

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