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One of the question that keep on repeating in the forums is around connectivity checks from PI to another server or vice versa. This is a really basic question but due to the increasing number of queries around this, I am posting this blog as a quick reference.

So what is the ideal way to check the connectivity? Follow the below steps and you should be through;

1. Login at the OS level of the PI server using telnet

You can either use a tool like Putty or even from the simple command prompt to login to the PI server

2. Once you have successfully logged into the PI server, use the ping command and try to ping the target server

The above shows a successful connectivity.

3. In case Ping command is disabled, you can try the telnet command to the target server.

The above, once again shows a successful connection to the target server.

Note that you can also use the host names. In case you get an 'unknown host' error, then try to use the IP address of the target server. An alternative will also be to add the host name entry into the host file on the PI server and try again.

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