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While I was preparing for automated test of CHARM using CBTA at a customer of ours, I bumped into an issue when checking the project configuration. I googled up the error message and found questions on the SCN forum but often unanswered. As such I decided to write this blog post for those who will bump into the issue in the future.

Note that this blog shows an example of what could be wrong. It contains tips how you can check certain parts of the configuration but I cannot state that the error message always originates from the example I provide here. Use common sense and logical thinking to dig where needed and solve the problem if it doesn't match 100%.

Imagine we have the following demo landscape configuration for CHARM:

When we now check the configuration in the Solution Manager project in transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN, errors occur:

You receive error messages which state issues exist with the logical components

No consolidation system for …

No track for project …

The key to solve the problem is to ensure that your TMS transport route configuration matches your logical component – system role assignment.

One way to easily verify this is call up transaction SMSY, navigate to the appropriate logical component and click on the shipment routes button.

You see an empty configuration overview. Note that I blanked out the names of existing systems on top.

This actually means that the system doesn’t find a transport route configuration that matches with the configuration of the system assignment in your logical component so your system filters here automatically to match your configuration.

If you look at the screenshot of my logical component, you’ll see that I have DEV:100 as Quality Assurance. Because TMS doesn’t have configuration with DEV:100 as Quality Assurance, we don’t get any result back.

If I now go into LMDB (my logical components are migrated to LMDB so editing needs to be done through LMDB), I see the same as in SMSY. Quality assurance has DEV 100 assigned while in my first picture of the blog, I have DEV 200 as Quality Assurance so here is the point where a mistake was made.

To change things around, I first remove the Quality Assurance assignment, assigned to DEV 100 by selecting the line and clicking delete. Click “OK” to confirm the delete.

Next, click Assign Technical System

Select the DEV system, client 200, Quality Assurance System and click OK.

When we now look into LMDB, we see that DEV 200 is assigned to Quality Assurance which matches the TMS configuration (first picture in blog post).

So if we now go back to SMSY and click on Shipment Routes we get a result. Again, note that I blanked out a bunch of names / values.

If we now go back into the project administration and perform the check again, the check logical components is fine.

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