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While working with custom programs, if we do not define the Id for any component or a control then at the run time the id's get generated automatically. But for different instantiations of the same program  these generated Id’s can be different . Which can cause issues during the UI adaptability  . So we need to have stable ids.

To check if a SAP UI5 program has the stable Id’s or not follow the following process :

  1. Run the Application

  2. Press Ctrl + Shift +Alt + P , this will open the following dialog box   

  3. Click on the Activate Support Assistant

  4. It will open the support assistant

  5. Now in the left table deselect the rules

  6. Filter the rules with text – stable

  7. Select the rule

  8. Click Analyze

  9. It will show the 3 views – The left most view will show the issue, the middle one will show the issue description and its resolution and the third view is the UI Control tree.If there is no issue the left most view will be blank.

  10. We can also select the multiple view at a time and analyse them
    Or we can select all the rules and click on Click Analyze

By using the above process , we can check the issue for any available rules. But If required additional rules can also be created and tested.

More information can be find out at SAPUI5 Documentation.
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