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With the words "We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests." OpenAI published his LLM and made it available for everyone. This was just 7 months ago!

In April 2023 christian.klein2 stated:
“We are in advanced stages to apply generative AI across our portfolio, and we are working as an early release partner of OpenAI and together with other vendors. We are planning to announce new disruptive AI use cases.”

Christian Klein – CEO, SAP SE, 21 April 2023"

I recognized this topic working at SAP and within the SAP Community. I checked the 10 most liked blogs within the first half year of 2023 including ChatGPT, OpenAI or LLMs. Surprisingly only 4 from 10 (12) are from SAP here:

Fig 1: Top 10 ChatGPT or LLM blogs from first half of 2023

As we already heard about possible solutions including this technology, let's explore what is the interesting point for the authors going in such a direction.

Before giving an overview of the blogs, let's start with a understanding of the relevant concepts. I got this definitions by asking ChatGPT:

Fig 2: Definitions in the context of ChatGPT

What are the top 10 blogs about:

  1. In "ChatGPT Integration with SAP S/4HANA" author sudip.ghosh4 goes beyond ABAP. He integrated S/4HANA with Azure Logic App to build a very service oriented way to communicate with S/4HANA via mail using information extraction. While he shows how easy it could be to create value with ChatGPT, on the other side a lot of concerns about security and GDPR are discussed. And reading the comments I learned about the SAP AI Playground 🙂

  2. In "ChatGPT for SAP developments – threat or an opportunity?" author m-skrzyniarz discussed what ChatGPT is and how SAP developers are affected. He shows by example how to work with ChatGPT as a developer. while the output is not perfect, the speed of generating results was very impressiv. So one insight is "The sooner you start using ChatGPT, the better it’ll be for you."

  3. In the series of 3 blogs about "A ChatGPT-like chat app built with modern SAP technologies (CAP, SAPUI5)", author mike_za shows his passion in developing by explain the high level concepts of building a chat app with modern SAP technologies and ChatGPT, showing demos and giving access to the GitHub repository. While giving a comprehensive explanation about how ChatGPT and the OpenAI API works he higlights that there are also a lot of potential beyond chat applications. Harrr! He goes deeper into the development with SAP CAP and SAP UI5 in part 2 and part 3.

  4. In "Using OpenAI Models in SAP Build Apps" author kirill_l shows on the other side using ChatGPT from a no code application. An approach enabling custom intelligent applications for a broad range of users. Clear and easy to follow and to try on your own.

  5. In "Chatp GPT, help me refactor my class" autor enno.wulff is getting very specific about how ChatGPT can help developers in refactoring code. He described his experience with code generation showing strenghts and weaknesses similar to the 2nd blog but dived deeper in a journey. Similarly he was very impressed how helpful AI could be as a assisting tool.

  6. In "Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT and SAP HANA Cloud for Next-level Data Analytics" author carlos.basto2 showed how to make use of ChatGPT in an Analytics context via Python-Integration in an early stage of an available API access. Lessons learned: "It’s always a good practice to provide some level of guidance to ChatGPT, by giving it background information and clear instructions"

  7. In "Integration of SAP CPI(BTP IS) with ChatGPT" author farooqahmed gives a step-by-step explanation how to use SAP Integration Suite Cloud Platform Integration for connecting ChatGPT to make it usable for any SAP application.

  8. In "Bringing ChatGPT-3 in SAP Analytics Cloud using Custom Widget" author danishmeraj shows how you can make use of ChatGPT in SAC in less than 30 minutes. Currently it is not attached to a query or similar. But there is always potential to improve and this is a first step.

  9. In the comparable new blog "Exploring the potential of GPT in SAP ecosystem" author start with a interesting introduction how LLMs come from and work and a reference to the full series of 4 additional blogs expaining further scenarios. Furthermore he delivers a first use case and wrap up with current challenges in using LLMs. Additionally I learned that SAP has already a website about Generative AI and for an efficient usage of ChatGPT the best practice site is possibly helpful.

  10. In "empower SAP RISE enterprise users with Azure OpenAI in multi-cloud environment" author neu-mark_ma explains the reference architecture for SAP Rise to integrate the Microsoft OpenAI service to make use of ChatGPT and further OpenAI services.

While all of these blogs contribut well to a better understanding of how to use ChatGPT, if I would have to recommend just 3 of them to read, my choice would be:

  • No. 3 - the blog (series) by Mike Zaschka for all developers to get a good understanding how to build applications using ChatGPT - and to highlight this, all single 3 blogs of his series would been in the top 10

  • No. 6 - by Carlos Basto, as it is a early but cool approach for the data & analytics community, would be happy to see more from this area

  • No. 9 - the blog (series) by Yatsea Li to get a good general understanding about the potential and risks of the technology and a very good overview about how SAP sees applications within the SAP ecosystem - a must read for all engaged with SAP

During writing the blogs I had the idea how nice it would be to bring all this authors together in a room, talking about there different experiences. I expect this to result in a very development-oriented, discussion about possibilities, coding and also challenges and the maturity about ChatGPT.

As ChatGPT is very new, the possibilities to access the API have been very different, depending on the time the blog has been written. Additionally the availability of examples and the experience of finding the right prompts improved over the time.

I'm looking forward to see what happens in the 2nd half of 2023 and if we maybe see some very different topics 6 months from now.


What is your experience with ChatGPT or other LLM services? Do you already use? Feel free to write into the comments below.
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